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Dear visitor, welcome to the web-site of Trading House “Eksmo”!

Publishing house “Eksmo” is the leader of Russian book market, offering its readers the widest range of   classical and modern fiction  in  the Russian language. The books of the publisher are intended both for adults and children, perfectly printed and presented in all genres – from   detective and fantasy to classical novels and memoirs. “Eksmo” publishes works of world famous writers of XIX and XX century and modern masters of the Russian language as well as business, educational and popular scientific literature,  including dictionaries and reference books.

The main book selling division of the publishing house  is Trading House “Eksmo”, which has been co-operating with Russian and foreign partners for many years. Today  more than 2000 companies   are partners of  Trading House “Eksmo”, which  ensures that the books  of the publisher reach all the regions of Russia.  But now  we are facing a more challenging and interesting task – “Eksmo” books,  books in the Russian language, should  reach the customers all over the world, wherever they are required.  International Sales Department co-operates   with   international wholesale bookselling companies, specialising in sales of Russian books abroad. We deliver  our books to the partners and customers  in  Europe,  CIS countries,  the USA and Canada, Israel and Australia.

The Russian  language  is the language of  great literature and  international dialogue, it is native for   30 million people, living across the borders of Russia and 180 million foreigners learn this language. These facts strengthen our confidence that Russian books will no doubt  find their market abroad. Together with our partners in Europe, Germany, the USA, Israel and other countries we aspire  to  provide the Russians who live abroad, teachers and students of Russian language, literature and culture, businessmen, working with Russian counterparts with the best Russian books by most famous authors, prepared and printed at par with international standards!   Partners “Trading House “Eksmo” receive timely shipments of the Russian   books at the most competitive prices.

We   care for our client and are open for   co-operation.  For   further enquires and suggestions regarding deliveries of Russian books to European Union and America,  Asia, CIS countries and Australia, please do not hesitate to contact us at: international@eksmo-sale.ru

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