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We feel proud to cooperate with modern Russian and foreign writers, among whom are leading masters of various literary genres, authors of popular detectives, writers-visionaries, poets and real celebrities including Michael Ulyanov, Vladimir Voinovich, Vasily Aksenov, Maria Arbatova, Tatyana Tolstaya, Victor Shenderovich, Edward Uspensky, Michael Zadornov, Vladimir Vishnevsky, Igor Guberman etc.

 Tatiana Tolstaya 
Was born in the family noted by significant literary talents.
Alexey Nikolaevich Tolstoy  was her grandfather on the father’s side of the family. Her grandmother Natalia Vasilevna Krandievskaya-Tolstaya was a  poetess.   The other  grandfather - Michael Leonidovich Lozinsky was a renowned translator. Her own  sister Natalya Tolstaya is also  a writer.
 Tatyana is a  philologist,  she graduated  from  Leningrad State University, worked as an  editor for a publishing house. In 1983  she wrote her  first story. Later her works were published by “The New World " and other famous magazines. In 1987  a collection of her stories " On a gold porch were sitting.. "  saw the light in Moscow, later on it was translated into many languages of the world. Published in  2000  the novel «Kys`» attracted many comments and became very popular. Tatyana Tolstaya is famous not only as a writer, but also as a journalist. Her essays, sketches, articles published in 1990-1998 by the newspapers “The Moscow news ” and “  The Russian Telegraph ”, for the first time were collected in the "Sister" (1998). For a long time Tatyana was living and working   in the USA, teaching literature. Recently she returned to Russia  and is now  engaged in literary, publicist and teaching activities, She  is the  host of  TV show "The School of Malignant Gossips " and the winner of "Triumph" award (2001).

 Lyudmila Ulitskaya

Literary destiny of Lyudmila Ulitskya is really unique. Biologist-geneticist by profession, Lyudmila Ulitskaya started writing prose in the end of the 80th - and at once proved to be a mature author, a master of fiction, capable to boost the development of modern Russian literature . She started writing in 1989 and her works were first published in 1994. The first collection of her short stories « The Poor Relatives» saw the light in France. During 15 years Lyudmila Ulitskoaya composed a lot of short stories and novels. Her works are translated into 20 languages, and are known and loved in many countries of the world. Her novel «Sonechka» was a prestigious French literary prize «Medici's» for the best foreign novel of the year. In Russia Lyudmila Ulitskaya's works - «Sonechka», in 1993 and another novel «Medeya and her Children», in 1997 were entered into the short -`s list of «Buker» Award, in 2001 the writer became its winner with her novel «Kukotskiy`s Case».


 Dina Rubina

 Dina Rubina was born in 1953 in the family of an artist and a history teacher in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). Both her parents were Ukrainian Jews, each of them got to Tashkent in their own way. The writer's childhood was filled with family love and lack of space — small apartments with not too much living space for a young girl.The first story by Dina Rubina was published in the national magazine "Yunost" in 1971.  In 1977 Rubina created an amazing in its lyrical intonation novella “Kogda Zhe Poydet Sneg?” (1980; translated as "So, When Will It Snow?" ). In 1977, after graduating from the Tashkent Conservatory, Rubina began to work in the Institute of Culture. In the middle of the 80s Rubina with her son from the first marriage moves to Moscow. Here she finds her personal happiness - a new family is created, her second child is born. In 1990 Rubina with her family repatriates to Israel. This decision was profoundly deliberate and ripened but still very dramatic for the writer. It meant for her crossing a biographical, creative, personal boundary. 

The writer has been working fruitfully during the whole last decade. In 1990 Rubina received the Arie Dulchin award for her book Odin Inteligent Uselsya Na Doroge (1994; translated as An Intellectual Sat Down on the Road).  In 1995 she received an award from the Israel Writer Union for her book "Here Comes the Messiah!" In 1997 the novel was nominated for the Russian Booker Prize award. Dina Rubina is the author of almost twenty books, her works are translated into 12 European languages and are well known all over the world.And in 2007 her novel "At the Sunny Side of the Street" got third prize of  Russian national book award "Big Book".

"I escape from any chains, as it should be with an artist, … although, of course, I address the God constantly"-writes Rubina.

Victor Pelevin

One of the brightest modern writers Victor Pelevin was born in Moscow. He graduated from Moscow Power Engineering Institute as a electro mechanist and took a classes in Literary Institute. For several years he was working for the «Science and religion» journal, where he was responsible for the section of oriental mysticism. His first published work was a fairy tale «Magician Ignat and the people » (1989). Pelevin's books are translated into all main world languages, including Japanese and Chinese. Plays based on his stories are successfully staged in the theatres of Moscow, London and Paris. A French magazine included Victor Pelevin in the list of 1000 most significant modern figures of the world culture (Russia in this list, except for Pelevin, is represented also by film director Sokurov).


Alexandra Marinina

Marinina Alexander - the pen-name of Marina Anatolevna Alekseeva is a retired lieutenant colonel of Russian Police (militsia) in resignation, the Ph.D. in Law, started her literary activity in 1995. During 1996-2004 Marinina published more than 25 novels in the genre of a police detective (books about Nastya Kamenskaya), plays « Thrown out Doll with the Torn off Legs» and «Well, guys, you are caught», the family saga «The One, Who Knows» (in two volumes), a psychological thriller «The Phantom of Memory», a melodrama «Everyone for Himself». 16 novels from the series «Kamenskaya» were screened to become the base of television series of the same name. Alexandra Marinina is rightfully considered to be the queen of the Russian modern detective. Here works for many years have been winning the highest ratings, are translated into 23 languages and published in 24 countries of the world.

Darya Dontsova

Darya Dontsova is assumed to be the queen in another genre - Ironic Detective. In 1999-2004 she published 50 novels in this genre (series - «An Amateur of Private Investigations Dasha Vasilieva», «Evlampiya Romanova. Investigation is conducted by a Layman», «Viola Tarakanova. In the world of criminal passions«, «The Gentleman of Investigation. Ivan Podushkin»), «Cooking Book of a Lazy Bone» and autobiographic novel «The Notes of a Crazy». The winner of competition «The Book of the Year 2003» (in the nomination «Best Seller»), three times winner of the book award «The Writer of the Year» (2001, 2002 and 2003), winner of other prestigious prizes.


 Tatyana Ustinova

She was born in 1968 in a small village Kratovo, not far from Moscow, where she has been living with her family since that. She graduated from Moscow Physicotechnical Institute, Faculty of Aeromechanics and flying Techniques. Worked on TV, in Administration of the President, in the press-service of Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Russia. One of the few writers, working in the genre of classical detective. One of the three most popular Russian lady writers. Each new book of hers becomes best seller.



Tatyana Polyakova

Tatyana has been living in Vladimir since her childhood. She got her higher education from philological faculty of the Ivanovo State Pedagogical Institute, after that for a long time was working in a kindergarten. She began writing in 1998 for her own pleasure. Once on the advice of her relatives she a manuscript to the publishing house EKSMO and to her great surprise the novel soon was printed, within few months she became one of the most popular Russian authors. Today to Tatyana Poljakova`s credit are about 40 detective novels published in a personal author's series «Adventurous Detective».


  Tatyana Garmash-Roffet

 She was born in Moscow and graduated from philological faculty of Moscow State University. Tatyana became a theatre critic, her works were published in many editions. Good knowledge of theatrical life helps her to create perfectly vivid characters, which stick to you memory. Most of her works are written in detective genre. Tatyana lives in France.
Novels by Garmash-Roffet are characterised by individual style, basing on theatrical world outlook of the author. Her characters are acting and making others act, change costums, roles and images. One mask comes after another, intrigues get intertwined, creating more and more riddles and making the reader busy, to solve them. The novels by Tatyana Garmash-Roffet are appreciated by both admirers of good literatue and those who are fond of mysteries of  human soul.


Tatyana Vedenskaya

After finishing school Tatyana soon became young single mother and understood that it is high time to  grow adult. Since that moment she started her fight  to make her mark. First she aspired to become a doctor and was working as an assistant at Russian  State Medical University. Then she started selling ecological certificates and showed  ultimate talent in sales - she could sell any paper for any money. Tatyana turned to selling flats  and became a real estate agent. As real estate market  was  quite risky at that time, the work was difficult and sometimes even dangerous.

However soon Tatyana married  again, this time very happily and gave birth to two wonderful children. Then she decided to write a book. Her first boook was a detective novel, the fraud scheme described in that was too realistic and characters resembled some peole, so the book was never published. But that did not prevent Tatyana Vedenskaya from writing books again, and now she is a successful author of popular  novels, protoganists of which very soon were  named  Russian "Bridget Jones".

Nik Perumov

Has graduated from faculty of biophysics of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. He is specialist in molecular biology and was working in one of scientific institutes of Leningrad HИИ before the literature became his main profession. In the beginning of the 80th, Nikolay, as well as many young scientists of his generation was deeply fond of fantasy books by R.R.Tolkien. He then understood, that he cannot stop and should keep on living in the world of fantasy further. So the trilogy «the Ring of Darkness». The first novel of the trilogy, which came to print almost by chance, in 1991 became the source of hot discussion among its readers, who divided into two camps: admires and opponents. The late even now cannot forgive Nick that he dared to «steel» the glory of Prof.Tolkien. By 2004 Perumov wrote more than twenty fantasy books. Now Nick lives in Dallas, where he writes books, and also works in a scientific institute as a molecular biologist.


Yury Nikitin

One of the most well-known Russian fantasy writers. Yury was born in Kharkov (now Ukraiune) and tried many professions, including caster, prospector at the country`s extreme North. He got additional education from Moscow Literary Institute. Participated in creation of clubs of fantasy fans of in Ukraine. For the book «Fire Worshippers» he was awarded literary prize and granted membership of the Union of Writers. By 2004 he wrote more than 40 books (the most famous - books of the series «Three from the Wood»), published in total circulation more than 2 million copies. However he keeps on actively working and surpring his readers with new ideas which is quite natural for him.



Vasily Golovachyov

Vasily Golovachyov (1948) is believed to be the most actively published Russian science fiction writer in last two decades. His works are appreciated even by those for who science fiction was totally unacceptable. Previously Vasiliy Golovachyov worked as a scientist. The author of thirty novels and more than fifteen stories, the winner of numerous literary prozes, in 2003 he was recognized to be the Science Fiction writer of the Year. A member of the Unions of writers of Russia and Ukraine.



Dmitry Emets

The graduate of philological faculty of Moscow State University, Ph.D. in Philology, a member of Union of Writers, the author of works on orthodox history, and also numerous books and musical performances for children and teenagers. The great popularity the author won thanks to his literary serial «Tanya Grotter» and other works published within the fantasy series «From the creator of Tanya Grotter».




Kolyshevsky Alexey Jurevich

is a writer, businessman, one of "the fathers" of Runet culture. His books always become best sellers. The books are so different that newspapers are confused how to call the author: a patriot or a master of shocking, «the lord of people’s mood» or an accurate observer. But, in spite of  the unsolved riddle of his character, A. Kolyshevsky’s books show us his literary talent.
Alexey Kolyshevsky was born on November, 13th, 1973, in Moscow. He graduated from  Moscow State University, Sociology Department,  then Law Department. After that he got the third higher education at  Film dramatic art Department. He has realised itself in a life both as a creative person, and as a businessman, and also as a family man. He’s married and has got two daugherts – Anastasia and Marta.
The author is a patriot. He loves his country. So he writes about the people who don’t allow  this country to live well. For this reason in each of Alexey Kolyshevsky's novels we see iron fidelity to realities of the modern life, and also a profound knowledge of any environment closed from ordinary people: top management, ideological service of the Kremlin, etc.
Kolyshevsky devotes his life to different hobbies: to reading, traveling, cycling and horse riding, boxing,  jogging. He leads a personal blog where he appears not only as a famous writer, but also as an ordinary  person. About this part of his personality  everybody has a chance to learn, visited the site: http://axl-kolishevsky.livejournal.com/and http://www.litdom.com/.



EKSMO believes in representing works of young talented writers such Arina Holina, Lena Lenina, Alexey Mitrofanov, Vyatcheslav and Michael Durnenkovs, Maxim Kurochkin, Tatyana Levanova and many others. Many popular films and TV series were shot basing on the works of our authors.

Among foreign authors of EKSMO

  • Haruki Murakami,
  • Arthuro Peres-Reverte,
  • Madonna, Yon Colfer,
  • Ray Bradberry,
  • Harry Garrison,
  • Deen Kunts,
  • Terry Pratchett

Today the author's portfolio of the publishing house totals more than 1500 names. In further publishing house Eksmo intends to develop and strengthen relations with the best Russian and foreign writers. Starting from 2008 Eksmo acquired exclusive rights for publishing works by Agatha Christie in the Russian language.

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