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All legendary military technology on pages of "Eksmo" books …







Perfectly illustrated and informative editions will become a long-awaited gift both to experts, and fans of military history.



New novels of the master of the Russian prose, the winner of the award «The Big Book – 2008» Vladimir Makanin: 








"The Manhole"
The Book consists of four stories – «Where the sky converged with hills», "Otdushina", "The Manhole" and "Voices". History of life of the talented provincial composer; the story about tragical love of the poetess and the married man; Kafka’s utopia about the world, and, at last, the writer’s confession similar to the manifesto. On pages of the book the writer studies philosophical categories «the truth – falsity», telling about destinies of our contemporaries.
«A Lonely man and a Lonely Woman»
In the given book the author touched upon one of the main intellectual myths of our days – a myth about people of the sixties.  The heroes of the novel have the biography typical for that well-known generation: a university, furious disputes on "the main thing", songs at a fire, theatre "The Contemporary" … The book are distinguished by graceful language and a subtle irony of the writer – the true expert on human destinies.
Vladimir Makanin's prose is a sensitive barometre of the time. According to it we measure greatness of the epoch and negligibility of our representations about it.

Soon on sale:
“The Caucasian captured”









Series “The Book-mystery, the book-the bestseller”








The Books of  series «The Book-Mystery, the Book - the Bestseller» are unique possibility for the people, leading a usual measured life to receive rough splash in emotions, taking part in fascinating adventures together with heroes of the books.
Extremely topical novels of the series combine the facts about discoveries, mysteries of history, cultures, religions, they are written in the fascinating, interesting and clear form.
Soon on sale:
Michal Gruber “The Valley of Bones”
David L. Willson “The Impious Grail”










“Eksmo” invites you in a fascinating travel to DANCE HISTORY…







The presented books are  the unique research written by the famous journalist, the writer, the playwright, the critic and publisher S.N.Hudekov. Under their cover the reader will find various information: about sources of the dance, arisen in imitation to heavenly movements; about the cheerful Classical antiquity; about the severe Middle Ages with mad orgies of witches and "death dancings"; about the radiant Renaissance with the Italian choreographic entertainments; about the first French ballet, opened a way to the perfect form of plastic art; about dancing schools of Milan, ballets of Vienna, Berlin, London.
All the books are richly illustrated and they will become a wonderful gift for all judges of the fine.


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